Jaclyn Hill x Morphe

Hey there,

So, yesterday was the big day, and I can tell you guys, Ya girl got the Jaclynxmorphe Palette!!!
I can not wait to use it, it look soooo stunning. I’ve seen some of my favorite you tubers (including Jaclyn) use it and I am actually shook to the core after seeing this palette, I can’t even believe I’m going to have it!
So it was really really hectic yesterday when I was trying to order it. It launched at 8 am, California time, so 10 am my time and you know I was all on the website ready to go at 10 am. So when the clock turned 10 I refreshed the site and nothing was happening, nothing! The palette was nowhere to be found! The site was the same and the site also kept crashing so I was like, oh great, this is the end, but gladly after refreshing like 600 times and having my computer randomly saving photos from the morphe website, it finally changed over to the Jaclyn Hill Palette layout.
So I went right away and threw that bad boy into my cart and I wasted no time, and went straight to check out! I didn’t have to wait in any line or anything, I got straight to the check out page and boom! I was done.
Order Confirmed at 10:15 yesterday morning.
Order shipped by yesterday NIGHT.
Can you believe that!!! Honestly the FASTEST processing and ship out I have ever seen, especially with such the high volume with the palettes. I am truly truly so happy that I found Morphe and I am so glad that they are the amazing company they are.

Now only a few more days and that Jaclyn Hill Palette will be on my eyes and on this blog as well!
I have swatch photos from instagram, I will also make my own swatches for you guys as well!! I can’t wait for you guys to see, and to show you guys the looks I create with this palette. I am SO excited!!

This whole palette is made with entirely new formulas from Morphe so I know to expect higher quality for sure, not saying that they aren’t high quality now. I love my Morphe Palettes that I have, they’re some of my favorite palettes! But this guy has satins, and metals, and foils in it, and even a pressed glitter. I am so so so SO excited for this palette. I wish I would have ordered more, honestly.

So stay tuned guys, this bad boy is coming to A Days Time here real soon, and will be tested out to it’s full potential!!

Let me know your thoughts on the palette below and I will see you in my next post!!
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One thought on “Jaclyn Hill x Morphe

  1. OMG! Me too. It launched 5am Hawaii time so I just stayed up for it cause I know I would not wake up. Once it hit 5am I refreshed it and same. Nothing was happening. So I freaked out refreshed it 1 more time and still nothing. I didn’t want to take any chances so I searched Jaclyn in the search bar and there it was! Oh man. I need to write a post about my experience too. Lol. Gonna do it now actually.


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